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Special treat to your Body & Mind
Luxury Relaxation Massage: Neck, Upper shoulders & Arms & Back & back of Legs massage (£20.00 for 20 minutes – Taster only)
To ease the tensions on your neck & shoulders, Relief the pain & aches on your back by Tuina Massage (Acupressure massage).

Take Control of your Appearance
Luxury Facial    (£20.00 for 25 minutes – Taster only)
Receive a cleanse, Lotion, Exfoliating, Masque, Skin Cream according to your skin type to improve your skin texture and condition. Feel great and perfect your appearance, having healthy & beautiful Skin.

Complementary Therapy to Maintain the Body in Good Health
Reflexology    (£20.00 for 25minutes – Taster only)
Receive a warm and relaxed foot massage by using an ancient method which has been practised for several thousands of years by the Chinese and Egyptians. Based on the theory that energy is flowing all around our bodies, if the energy can flow freely then we are balanced and healthy.

*all the above offers can only be used once.

My daughter, 3 years old, had been having trouble passing stools for over a year when we visited Wellbeing Whispers. Xin kindly offered to help with some massage she performed on her and that she demonstrate for me to use at home. she was very gentle and encouraging and it worked wonders for my daughter. After one session, she was able to go to the toilet regulary. We are so grateful! Date: 5th of March 2014

Emma, Child Minder

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