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Threading – mini “Facial Lift”
Secret for women to look younger & prettier in 20 minutes!

Why “Threading”?

  • Well-shaped eyebrows frame a face!
  • Simple way to perfect eyebrows!
  • Beauty created in just 15 ~ 30 minutes – Keep your face a combination of shape, proportion and character!

What is “Threading”?

Threading is an ancient art of hair removal, a very delicate procedure. It is widely practice in Far East, Middle East among women’s society.

 How does “Threading” work?

When Mother Nature designed eyebrows, she knew what she was doing, most of us have eyebrows that suit our faces, so, by “Threading” eyebrows, this works with their natural shape, rather than against it.

Threading is to be done gentle by rolling of a length of cotton thread in very precise way. The thread is twisted along the hairs root which is to be removed. The twisting action of the tread traps the hair and lifts it out of its follicle, leaving a beautiful result with a smooth finish.

Price List:

:            £10.00
Upper Lips:          £6.00
Lower Lips:         £4.00
Chin:                     £5.00
Neck:                    £5.00
Sides of face:      £8.00
Forehead:            £5.00
Eyebrows+Upper&Lower lips+chins+neck:          £25.00
Whole face (incl eyebrows):    £30.00          
Whole face + neck:                  £35.00         
Eyebrows Tints:                        £10.00

I was treated for weight loss & was always given a warm welcome & expert attention by Xin. Her choice of treatment is extensive, up to date & carried out to the highest standards. Xin enjoys her work. Whether you want to feel better, look good or just relax, I would highly recommend her clinic.

Tina H, Pilates Instructor

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