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I had two miscarriages before I came to see Xin in June 2011. I also did see my own consultant and was not reassured by his common: 'this unfortunately is extremely common'. I started my course with Xin, 2 weeks later became pregnant but felt very anxious at this early stage of pregnancy. The acupuncture helped me relax and my energy levels were high considering early pregnancy symptoms. Xin was amazing throughout my course with such a positive outlook. I am Very pleased to say that I’m expecting in April 2012 and feeling very healthy. I would highly recommend Xin to anyone with fertility issues. 30th Nov 2011

Lindsay, Cabin Crew

I was in the midst of a divorce when I came to see Xin to receive Reflexology treatment. It was different to any Reflexology I've had previously. I felt the benefits immediately. The pressure was much stronger and it was certainly very effective. Thank you also for teaching me the 5 Tibetan Yoga postures. I will see you again for more treatment.

Stephanie, Tutor Spiritual Healing

I have taken both my daughters, (Molly 7 yrs and Genevieve 5 yrs) to receive Acupuncture treatment & cupping therapy by Doctor Xin. Their different conditions have improved greatly and are no longer a problem. She has a wonderful way of talking directly to them and is very warm and caring. Both my girls were very interested in the acupuncture they received and the dietary advice. They speak of her with great affection.

Kate, Art Illustration

I was treated for weight loss & was always given a warm welcome & expert attention by Xin. Her choice of treatment is extensive, up to date & carried out to the highest standards. Xin enjoys her work. Whether you want to feel better, look good or just relax, I would highly recommend her clinic.

Tina H, Pilates Instructor

I have been suffering from neck pain and tension for many years. It was really stressful to have the nagging pain. I know about Acupuncture treatment, and had several experiences without much satisfaction. After talking to Xin, I decided to give it another try, and after the first treatment I walked out without any pain. It was a miracle! Now, the whole family attend the clinic. I think Xin is exceptionally skilful!!!

Yentee M, Beauty Consultant

December 2008, I became seriously ill with sinus & throat infection. This lasted for 3 months. I saw Dermatologist & Rheumatologist & had courses of steroids for 3 months. When the course was finished, I was back to square one. Worse to come, I was counted as diabetic as my blood sugar levels were going up. Even worse, I was diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had massive swelling on my face with discolouration. Pains & Swelling of hands were persisting, prevented me doing any ADL. I was introduced by a friend to Xin. Within about 2 months, my face looks nearly normal in size and colour. I was able to drive my car again after nearly 9 months. At the very 1st visit with Xin, she told me not to worry and there is no need for further steroids, she also considers that the diagnosis of Arthritis does not apply to me. Xin treated me with care and confidence. She is a very competent, knowledgeable and experienced Acupuncturist. I found her techniques are very inspiring and effective.

Aruna Physiotherapist

I visited Wellbeing Whispers as seeking help with my lower back pain. I went to my appointment not knowing what to expect. But let me tell you first hand that when the visit was over, I got up and felt like a new person!

Gareth T., IT Specialist

I have been impressed by Wellbeing Whispers' approach. The team, Xin and Chao, are comprehensive, 100% focussed on the individual and get to the root of issues. The engagement, treatment pathways and ongoing support are first class.

Prith, IT Consultant

Xin and Chao are expert practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I suffer extensive musculoskeletal and associated health problems. Their diagnostic skills and treatment have been honed with the best training and years of experience. The acupuncture and reflexology treatments offered to me are effective, where Western Medicine has failed, and are restoring mobility to my body.


After several years of issues and pain with my Achilles tendon and after visiting several specialist doctors and uncountable physiotherapy sessions, I decided to look for other alternatives and a friend recommended me Wellbeing Whispers. Incredibly, after 10 sessions i was already almost pain free and back on running and racing triathlons for the first time in almost 2 years. Thanks Xin !

Jonathan, Manager

I Started to viist Xin following a recommendation from a friend to help treat infertility. I found Xin to be very warm and passionate about her job. She truly took an interest in me and thoroughly assessed my needs and remommended both acupuncture and relfexology. I am pleased to say that I am now a pround mum of a little boy of 10 weeks, a success I am sure made possible by her great care and expertise. Date: 27th Feb 2014

Dawn, Hair Specialist

I sought help from Xin at her Chertsey clinic for treatment with fertility problems in Feburary 2012. My periods had stopped meaning I could not conceive. I had undergone a difficult few years with many hospital appointments for blood tests, scans, failed IVF attempts etc and was feeling very depressed and disillusioned. Xin devised a bespoke plan which was primarily acupuncture but also included acupressure massage. Her warm, caring and welcoming nature quickly put me at ease and after few treatment I started to relax and felt the damage of the previous few years beginning to lift. after a couple of months my cycle started again and i had my first period in over two years. I was amazed by how effective the acupuncture was and how quickly i saw the benefits. Throughouot my treatment I trusted Xin completely. She was always professional and accommodating and i highly recommend her. Date: 26th Jan 2014

Amanda, Local Government Officer

My daughter, 3 years old, had been having trouble passing stools for over a year when we visited Wellbeing Whispers. Xin kindly offered to help with some massage she performed on her and that she demonstrate for me to use at home. she was very gentle and encouraging and it worked wonders for my daughter. After one session, she was able to go to the toilet regulary. We are so grateful! Date: 5th of March 2014

Emma, Child Minder

Xin was highly recommended to me by a friend who had received successful treatment for her menstrual cycle. I was unfortunately experiencing recurring miscarriages and I was told by a specialist that they could find no reason for it and to continue trying. When I had become pregnant for the sixth time I decided to contact Xin and make an appointment. I immediately felt a sense of calm from Xin at our first session and her reassurance that the acupuncture would work helped me keep a positive mind. I continued my sessions every week until I was 12 weeks pregnant - during this time I had such fantastic guidance from Xin on how to remain positive and relaxed during the pregnancey. I had a wonderful pregnancy with no health problems and I am absolutely thrilled to say I am now a very proud mummy to a beautiful 4 months old little boy! I cannot thank Xin enough for her amazing work and kindness so it's now my turn to highly recommend her! She helped bring my beautiful boy into this world! date: 30th of July 2014

Vikki Austen MD

I had diagnosed Hyperthyroid and Graves' disease in 2008. My one eye had bulged out. at that time I just had taken pills to control my hormone but I hadn't done anything for my eye. After one year my hormone level was stable so I stopped taking pills. But my eye was still the same. About 3 years later my symptoms had occurred again and at this time my other side eye had affected. I had been so depressed and scared. But my doctor said there was not that severe to try other serious treatments. Then, I wanted to try a natural treatment like Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. When I first met Dr. Xin(introduced by a friend), she comforted me with encouraging words. She said my eyes could be better with her treatments. I felt relief and a lot more calm. After a few acupuncture sessions, my eyes got less dry and easy. Also I felt less tired during the day. I had to stop the treatments after about 9 months due to moving out of the UK. My eyes are almost normal now. Her treatments helped me a lot. It was not only my eyes but also my entire whole body are getting better in health. Her natural treatment was working for me. I appreciate her natual theraphy including Moxibustion too. This is a best way to say THANKS DR. XIN 1st of Sep 2014

Kim, Full Time Mum

Xin and Chao are expert practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I suffer extensive musculoskeletal and associated health problems. Their diagnostic skills and treatment have been honed with the best training and years of experience. The acupuncture and reflexology treatments offered to me are effective, where Western Medicine has failed, and are restoring mobility to my body.


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