I started acupuncture with Xin in December 2019 through a recommendation and have been very pleased with the results I have had so far. I suffer with severe osteoporosis/arthritis, thinning hair and shortness in breathing as well as limited mobility.

Post having acupuncture on a weekly basis and taking herbal Medication I have more energy, improved breathing and my mobility has improved significantly which gives me confidence to go out without my walking stick. Miraculously my grey hair is now seeing black hair coming through!

Xin is very thorough in evaluating and assessing the issue to the core root. She checks in on how you have been in the beginning of each session and improvises her treatment according to what you need.

I have had other practitioners who have given me acupuncture however the service Xin provides has been the best.

I put with acupuncture my movement is smooth and energetic. when I walk my breathing become much more easier and I thank great to Xin. She makes sure that I feel better very quick. My hair start growing black. I start looking better and happier 🙏🏼 Feb 2020