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Inner Strength One Finger Meditation Workshop
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The following is an excerpt from Master Xie’s work while studying at Nanjing University. This is a general introduction to Inner Strength One Finger Meditation.

There is a variety of schools of Chinese Qigong. And each school has its characteristics, and consists of its unique maneuvers of training exercise. Not only the maneuvers of these schools are different from each other, but also even in one school, its maneuvers consist of different branches (sometime, due to different practitioners). This fact reflects that Chinese Qigong has passed its long history, it is a wonderful fruit of combination of geographical situation, natural environment and human condition. The maneuvers of Qigong of “Inner-Strength One Finger Meditation” (ISOFM) are unique training exercises of Fujian Shaolin temple; being improved and advanced incessantly for several hundred years, they are approved and well known in the field of martial arts as upper-grade training exercises. It, ISOFM, is not only different from the common Shaolin dynamic Qigong, but also different from meditation-form static Qigong; it is one kind of unique Qigong involving dynamic Qigong, static Qigong, championship boxing, and so on. It, ISOFM, consists of lots of maneuvers and unique training ways. In its training course, although the practitioners are not strictly asked to do exercise with tranquillisation and keeping in mind/will, yet they are severely asked to do exercise with correct posture and essentials and the correct order in sequence of movements. It can be used to reactivate channels and collaterals, regulate the flow of Qi and blood, balance Yin and Yang and coordinate the functions of internal organs, thus preventing and treating diseases, protecting human health, prolonging life, and uniting and coordinating vital essence, Qi, mind and strength well.

With incessant training this Qigong, the practitioner will be advanced as the time goes by; he can not only absorb the external Qi and reserve internal strength, but also conduct and emit internal Qi to treat various diseases. This method of emitting Qi can be used to treat the difficult cases of orthopaedic, neurological and internal disorders effectively.

“Inner-Strength” of One Finger Meditation refers to both the kinetic and potential energy of human body, which is the substantial foundation of human life’s activity. “Meditation”, from an Indian word, means applying tranquillisation and stopping worry; “One Finger” refers to that , in the process of training exercise, a special key training method; that is, during exercise, ten fingers and ten toes move up and down one by one systematically and regularly. Since fingers and toes are the original points or the destination of 12 regular channels; the movement of moving up and down of fingers and toes can be used not only to reserve inner strength and regulate emission of the strength, but also to make the exercise easy to learn, economic in time spent for training exercise and to get the quick and effective result.

The workshops and class will be held by Xin, it can be a small group upto 3 people or 1 to 1 teaching. Shaolin Inner Strength One Finger Zen including 6 parts:

Part 1: Maneuvers to warm the body

Part 2: Ride-horse stump Qigong

Part 3: The maneuvers of moving fingers up and down

Part 4: Dynamic Qigoing

Part 5: Regulating-Qi Qigong

Part 6: Closing maneuvers