Modern Acupuncture

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling

About FSN

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN) is a modern acupuncture technique, which was invented by Dr Zhong-hua Fu, a Chinese doctor, in 1996. This technique uses a modified acupuncture needle FSN Trocar Acupuncture Needle to stimulate subcutaneous areas where nearby trigger points, taut or tightenedmuscles (TMs), in order to treat musculo-skeletal conditions as well as many other medical conditions, for instanceavascular necrosis (AVN), AMD, Parkinson’s disease, etc. With the characters of much less pain of the patient and instant effect of pain relieving, patients quite often describe the FSN as “magic needle”, ” unbelievable effects”.


FSN Trocar Acupuncture

The FSN needle is a modified trocar needle and has been patented in China. There are three parts to the needle: soft casting tube, or canulae; protecting sheath, and solid needle. The solid needle is 31 mm in length and 1 mm in diameter. Each needle is individually packaged and sterilized with ethylene oxide gas. This Trocar Acupuncture has been patent in China in 1999. It also has passed CE Marking requirement (Shanghai International Holding Corp GmbH Eiffestrase 80. D-20537, Hamburg, Germany)


What are the difference between TA and FSN

Traditional Acupuncture (TA) is to use fine needles inserting at the specific points of meridians in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes.

TA involves by inserting needles to penetrating skin, subcutaneous and muscular tissues and then stimulating the points. Patients will experience different feelings such, Chinese medicine called “De Qi”, as heaviness, tingling, mild soreness, etc. Once needles are put in, patients will stay still for around 30mins for the effect.

FSN is originated from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and developing on basic medical science.

FSN’s needle only reach to subcutaneous tissue. This technique has much less pain and less sensation on the patients. Instead of staying still, the movements for the strained muscles are involved while manipulating needle, which can produce an incredible pain-relieving effect instantly.


What can FSN help?

Generally speaking, FSN can help all the conditions which traditional acupuncture helps, but more effective and quicker response than traditional acupuncture. Particularly, FSN has a very positive result for variouspain relief, and high success rate for some other conditions. In FSN practice, it is trained to improve the most painful conditions and complaint on the spot, therefore, FSN is more effective. That is why some of patients call this “Big needle, but Magic needle”.