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Modern medical facts

  • Today, except wounds and transition illness which can be helped. Like Sabin vaccine can prevent polio, i.e. high blood pressure, diabetics, kidney disorder, and some cancers, most of these cannot be completely healed successfully.
  • Every year, there are Nobel Rewards to a lot of new modern medical skills or developments. It has always been said that in the future somehow, these illness will be prevented.

How to help

Our body is far more intelligent than our brains. We need many years to learn this fact. According to [Huang Di Nei Jin], Wuxing means five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Ancient Chinese thinkers used the five elements to explain the origin of all things in the universe.

The Ancient Chinese simplified the complex relations between natural phenomenon and use five elements to expound that relationship. When the promotion and restraint of the five elements are in balance, a person will be in good health. Problems in one chain of the cycle will make the person ill.

By matching the four seasons with the five elements, as shown above, the ancients wanted to explain the influence of the climate and the four seasons on the five internal organs. In nature there are four seasons and five elements which produce cold, heat, dryness, dampness, and wind. The five internal organs in the human body produce five qi: happiness, anger, sadness, sorrow and fear.

The changing of the four seasons and the changes of the five elements result in climates characterized by chill, heat, dryness, damp and wind. They affect all living things in nature, causing them to be born, grow, flower, wither, and hibernate.

Every person has a liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidney, known as the five internal organs. The emotions of joy, anger, sorrow, anxiety, and fear come from the qi of the five internal organs.

Food with harmonious aromas can restore vital energy. Each of these five flavours, hot, sour, sweet, bitter, and salty are beneficial to a different internal organ.  Certain foods are suitable for the five internal organ deficiencies. Attributing cereals, meat, fruits and vegetables to the five organs can improve the deficiencies.

The best medicine is food. The best hospital is your kitchen.

Dietary help for women (including Weight Loss)

A woman’s life has many stages: period, marriage, giving birth, working, and pressure from daily life, those can all stress energy out of one. Almost every woman has discomfort.

Beauty is always a subject of concern to women. Most women spend lots of money for the most expensive skin care products. However, if she could understand a little of how five elements apply to five internal organs, then, this subject will become a very easy task to do.

A different date of birth, A different body constitution will need different diet to nourish the body; therefore, tailor design diet for each one should be the way to proceed.

For further advice on women’s diet, please ring for an appointment. Price will be charged as the first visit patient. Herbs and products will be at various.