Tibetan 5 Yoga

Wanting to keep Fit & Young? There is a will, there is a Way!!!
This special type of Yoga is easy to learn, and can be finished within 15minutes!!!
Ideal for People who are working in an office all day!!

Why “Tibetan 5 Yoga”?

  • Saving time & money – Busy lifestyle & simple exercises, no need to go to a gym!
  • Energy raising & body balancing (promote & works effectively with TCM meridians)
  • Wonderful results – Younger looking & well-being

What is “Tibetan 5 Yoga”?

Five ancient Tibetan rites (Tibetan 5 Yoga) which holds the key to lasting youth, health and vitality. For thousands of years these seemingly magical rites were shrouded in secrecy in remote Himalayan monasteries. The five rites were first brought to the attention of the Western world in the original edition of Mr Kelder’s book, published almost 60 years ago. Since that time, the book and its extraordinary wealth of information have been largely lost and forgotten. No one can promise that the rites will erase 50 years from your age, transform you overnight, or make you live to 125, but it is known that they can help anyone to look and feel years younger, to gain vitality and a greater sense of well-being.

If you perform the rites daily, you should begin to notice results in just one month’s time. In about ten weeks, you will probably start to see more substantial benefits. Whatever the pace of your progress, it’s always a thrilling moment when friends actually begin to comment that you are looking younger and healthier.

How does “Tibetan 5 Yoga” work? 

The body is surrounded by an invisible electrical field or “aura”, this suggest that we are “fed” by some form of energy that permeates the universe. It is also true that the aura of a young, healthy person is different from that of an ageing, unhealthy person

Tibetan Yoga teaching Price List:

Tibetan Yoga teaching one to one:  £20.00 (for 15mins) 

                                                              £35.00 (for 30mins)                                                                                                      
Tibetan Yoga teaching in group, over 3 people pergroup:  £10.00 per person (for 35mins)