I’ve been struggling with severe night sweats since I was a teenager assuming that was just part of my life and accepting it. I was feeling weak and tired most of the time. I found Xin through a friend who have experienced amazing results herself. Xin is so professional and caring, she attentively listened to my problems and focused on the root of them. My night sweating have stopped after 5 acupuncture sessions and 5 days of herbs that she bespoken prepared for me. This is a massive improvement in my life and I will always thank her for it.

She has also helped me with another problem I’ve been living with for 10 years, tremors in my left hand and arm. Several doctors and some MRI couldn’t assess the cause of it and nobody was able to help me reduce the tremors which were making difficult for me to hold little objects within my fingers. until I found Xin, who fixed this problem and gave me back full use of my hand in few acupuncture sessions! What else can I say, words are definitely not enough. Roberta Nov 2021


Following a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, I turned to Xin for support. Right from the first session, I knew it was the right choice. Xin took the time to find out about my life in general, my fertility journey and my overall wellbeing. As well as the acupuncture (which I was initially very nervous about, but needn’t have been) she gave advice on my diet, sleeping and lifestlye. Almost immediately, my irregular cycle became regular and my overall wellbeing and anxiety improved. I continued to see Xin throughout my fertility journey, alongside IUI treatment. The combination worked incredibly well for us, and we are lucky enough to have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. I laughed, cried and celebrated on my fertility journey with Xin and I will be forever grateful for her support. Victoria, Teacher , October 2021


I was unfortunate to get COVID and went to Xin for help where I received the best care and treatment the herbs I received helped a great deal and got me over COVID with no after affects. I’ve also had herbs for other on going condition and again have really helped and I truly believe that Chinese herbal medicine is amazing and works the herbs are easy to take and I would highly recommend them to anyone
From Andy March 2020

Andy N.Driver

I have seen Xin for acupuncture which has helped me a lot. She also gives Chinese herbs When I had COVID my digestion was very weak and I was continuing to not digest my food properly even after the fever had gone. I took the herbs she gave me and my digestion immediately began to return to normal and my strength began to return which really helped me on my road to recovery. I highly recommend Xin who has a deep knowledge of both acupuncture and herbs and is also lovely. Cathy Sep 2021

Cathy G.Retired

After a Christmas decorating “accident” I found myself unable to walk upright. I had hurt my back. Xin was recommended to me by a friend who sees her regularly. I was not able to sit, but after a quick assessment and some quick treatment, not only was I able to get up off the chair on my own, but I was able to lay down on the table for the complete treatment! I walked out of her clinic upright! Now I go regularity, but especially after long plane journey’s for maintenance. Xin is professional and efficient and accommodates my crazy schedule which is amazing!   Feb 2020

Janet J.Financial Advisor

I started acupuncture with Xin in December 2019 through a recommendation and have been very pleased with the results I have had so far. I suffer with severe osteoporosis/arthritis, thinning hair and shortness in breathing as well as limited mobility.

Post having acupuncture on a weekly basis and taking herbal Medication I have more energy, improved breathing and my mobility has improved significantly which gives me confidence to go out without my walking stick. Miraculously my grey hair is now seeing black hair coming through!

Xin is very thorough in evaluating and assessing the issue to the core root. She checks in on how you have been in the beginning of each session and improvises her treatment according to what you need.

I have had other practitioners who have given me acupuncture however the service Xin provides has been the best.

I put with acupuncture my movement is smooth and energetic. when I walk my breathing become much more easier and I thank great to Xin. She makes sure that I feel better very quick. My hair start growing black. I start looking better and happier 🙏🏼 Feb 2020


I was in my mid thirties and had been trying to conceive for a number of years. Having heard of the benefits of acupuncture, I contacted Xin in summer 2014 for treatment. She took time to understand what I was going through and provided advice for me to improve my general wellbeing, to supplement regular treatments at Wellbeing Whispers – a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina massage, reflexology and cupping. I fell pregnant after 3 months and continued acupuncture throughout my first trimester to ensure my body was coping with the pregnancy. Xin also offered me treatment to help my labour progress when my baby was overdue. I was so happy to deliver a healthy baby in summer 2015. After having my first baby, my period had not started till the 9th month after my baby was born. I went to see Xin again to look for help. After about 3 months of acupuncture treatments, I had my period starting again. However, I was told by my doctor that I have to continue to take my Thyroid pills. I then continue to see Xin for acupuncture treatment till I fell pregnant again with my 2nd baby, and I gave a birth to a very healthy boy in the summer of 2018. I and my husband are so happy with our children. We are very grateful for Xin’s help – she listens attentively and has extensive experience to put me at ease throughout the entire pregnancy! I would recommend going to her for a consultation should you need help in this area.  B, Finance Professional
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BoFinance Professional

I started seeing Xin to help conceive after a miscarriage. She quickly diagnosed a sluggish digestion and helped me with that which enabled me to lose some weight. I had regular treatments and conceived naturally. This pregnancy was not successful and I felt greatly supported by Xin. When we sought IVF treatment, Xin worked alongside my IVF to give me treatments tailored for each step I was at, detoxing before I began the hormones, sessions to increase my energy or just to help me relax as I waited. My IVF consultant recommended a treatment before and after embryo transfer as they noticed an improvement in results for women having acupuncture alongside IVF, and Xin made herself available for this. We are now proud parents and Xin has been with me for every step of our long and difficult journey to have this baby. My sessions and Xin’s positivity helped me feel I was doing everything I could to get my body ready for a baby. Her knowledge was vast and she also gave me really helpful advice about diet and gentle exercise to further increase my chance of success. I always came away feeling uplifted because of the treatment and time Xin gave me. Equally importantly, due to Xin’s caring nature, I felt emotionally supported at some very difficult times. My baby boy was born in the middle of Nov 2018, we are so happy!

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RoybnneSocial Care

I have had acupuncture with Xin over several years now. Initially I suffered with constant bleeding from fibroids, anxiety and lower back pain. Several treatments later, and I do not suffer from these anymore. More recently I had a pain down my entire leg which kept me awake at night. This went on for weeks, I was in agony and unable to exercise. I had one treatment with Xin and my pain is gone. I have recommended Xin to several friends and family who have all thanked me for sending them to her. I put my faith in Xin over going to the GP any day. She is a lovely lady who genuinely cares about people’s health and well-being. Date: Feb 2020
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WendyOffice Clerk

After suffering severe back pain, and having tried physiotherapy and chiropractic, I was still in considerable pain and had difficulty walking normally. So I decided to try acupuncture, and luckily for me, I found Xin. The acupuncture she administered gave me immediate relief – and in addition to that, Xin gave me advice on some stretches and exercises to help, which they have. I do still occasionally have bouts of back pain – but when I do, I see Xin, and get immediate relief again. Xin has not only helped my Back problems – but has also helped me with other health conditions, by using Chinese herbs and medicines, which I have also benefited from. Xin has a great bedside manner, and apart from anything else, I always feel more relaxed after each session. I have no hesitation recommending Xin.  Date: August 2019
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I started acupuncture with Xin over a year ago as I was experiencing recurrent nausea and vomiting which was requiring hospital admissions. Xin was very knowledgeable and professional from the beginning and made me feel completely at ease. She has a holistic approach and with her help I managed to resolve a lot of my symptoms and also address other issues such as stress management. Xin also helped me with nutritional supplements and I never felt pressured or unsure of any treatment suggested or received. I would highly recommend Xin for acupuncture for a wide range of issues, she is so friendly and kind, the room is clean and warm; there is accessible parking and it is reasonably priced! Date: July 2019
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CatherineNHS staff

I had diagnosed Hyperthyroid and Graves’ disease in 2008. My one eye had bulged out. at that time I just had taken pills to control my hormone but I hadn’t done anything for my eye. After one year my hormone level was stable so I stopped taking pills. But my eye was still the same. About 3 years later my symptoms had occurred again and at this time my other side eye had affected. I had been so depressed and scared. But my doctor said there was not that severe to try other serious treatments. Then, I wanted to try a natural treatment like Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. When I first met Dr. Xin(introduced by a friend), she comforted me with encouraging words. She said my eyes could be better with her treatments. I felt relief and a lot more calm. After a few acupuncture sessions, my eyes got less dry and easy. Also I felt less tired during the day. I had to stop the treatments after about 9 months due to moving out of the UK. My eyes are almost normal now. Her treatments helped me a lot. It was not only my eyes but also my entire whole body are getting better in health. Her natural treatment was working for me. I appreciate her natual theraphy including Moxibustion too. This is a best way to say THANKS DR. XIN 1st of Sep 2014
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Kim Full Time Mum

Xin was highly recommended to me by a friend who had received successful treatment for her menstrual cycle. I was unfortunately experiencing recurring miscarriages and I was told by a specialist that they could find no reason for it and to continue trying. When I had become pregnant for the sixth time I decided to contact Xin and make an appointment. I immediately felt a sense of calm from Xin at our first session and her reassurance that the acupuncture would work helped me keep a positive mind. I continued my sessions every week until I was 12 weeks pregnant – during this time I had such fantastic guidance from Xin on how to remain positive and relaxed during the pregnancey. I had a wonderful pregnancy with no health problems and I am absolutely thrilled to say I am now a very proud mummy to a beautiful 4 months old little boy! I cannot thank Xin enough for her amazing work and kindness so it’s now my turn to highly recommend her! She helped bring my beautiful boy into this world! date: 30th of July 2014
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Vikki AustenMD

My daughter, 3 years old, had been having trouble passing stools for over a year when we visited Wellbeing Whispers. Xin kindly offered to help with some massage she performed on her and that she demonstrate for me to use at home. she was very gentle and encouraging and it worked wonders for my daughter. After one session, she was able to go to the toilet regulary. We are so grateful! Date: 5th of March 2014
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EmmaChild Minder

I had two miscarriages before I came to see Xin in June 2011. I also did see my own consultant and was not reassured by his common: ‘this unfortunately is extremely common’. I started my course with Xin, 2 weeks later became pregnant but felt very anxious at this early stage of pregnancy. The acupuncture helped me relax and my energy levels were high considering early pregnancy symptoms. Xin was amazing throughout my course with such a positive outlook. I am Very pleased to say that I’m expecting in April 2012 and feeling very healthy. I would highly recommend Xin to anyone with fertility issues. 30th Nov 2011
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LindsayCabin Crew

I was in the midst of a divorce when I came to see Xin to receive Reflexology treatment. It was different to any Reflexology I’ve had previously. I felt the benefits immediately. The pressure was much stronger and it was certainly very effective. Thank you also for teaching me the 5 Tibetan Yoga postures. I will see you again for more treatment.
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StephanieTutor Spiritual Healing

I have taken both my daughters, (Molly 7 yrs and Genevieve 5 yrs) to receive Acupuncture treatment & cupping therapy by Doctor Xin. Their different conditions have improved greatly and are no longer a problem. She has a wonderful way of talking directly to them and is very warm and caring. Both my girls were very interested in the acupuncture they received and the dietary advice. They speak of her with great affection.
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KateArt Illustration

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Tina H. Pilates Instructor

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Yentee M.Beauty Consultant

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Gareth T.IT Specialist

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PrithIT Consultant

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After several years of issues and pain with my Achilles tendon and after visiting several specialist doctors and uncountable physiotherapy sessions, I decided to look for other alternatives and a friend recommended me Wellbeing Whispers. Incredibly, after 10 sessions i was already almost pain free and back on running and racing triathlons for the first time in almost 2 years. Thanks Xin !
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