December 2008, I became seriously ill with sinus & throat infection. This lasted for 3 months. I saw Dermatologist & Rheumatologist & had courses of steroids for 3 months. When the course was finished, I was back to square one. Worse to come, I was counted as diabetic as my blood sugar levels were going up. Even worse, I was diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had massive swelling on my face with discolouration. Pains & Swelling of hands were persisting, prevented me doing any ADL. I was introduced by a friend to Xin. Within about 2 months, my face looks nearly normal in size and colour. I was able to drive my car again after nearly 9 months. At the very 1st visit with Xin, she told me not to worry and there is no need for further steroids, she also considers that the diagnosis of Arthritis does not apply to me. Xin treated me with care and confidence. She is a very competent, knowledgeable and experienced Acupuncturist. I found her techniques are very inspiring and effective.