Facial Spa

Take Control of Your Appearance
Secret for Woman to Look Flawlessly Beautiful 24 Hours a Day

Having youthful, energised skin is something that makes us feel good both on the outside and internally. Our skin not only tells the world at a glance how healthy we are, but acts as our first line of defence against environmental factors. Looking after our skin, indulging it, is vital to our well-being.

The secret of having Healthy & Beautiful skin is in just 45 minutes.
Why not take our offer to have a wonderful experience and feel the smooth of your skin.

Special Offer to you:
Luxury Facial (£20.00 for 20 minutes – taster only)
Receive a cleanse, Lotion, Exfoliating, Masque, Skin Cream according to your skin type to improve your skin texture and condition. Feel great and perfect your appearance, having healthy & beautiful Skin.

More in details:

  • Express Facial:                                                                                £30.00 for 30 min
  • Luxury Facial with hands pampering or head massages:      £40.00 for 50 min
  • Luxury Facial with anti-wrinkle treatment :                         £45.00 for 1hour &10 min
    (with upper shoulder and neck massage, hands pampering or head massages)