I started seeing Xin to help conceive after a miscarriage. She quickly diagnosed a sluggish digestion and helped me with that which enabled me to lose some weight. I had regular treatments and conceived naturally. This pregnancy was not successful and I felt greatly supported by Xin. When we sought IVF treatment, Xin worked alongside my IVF to give me treatments tailored for each step I was at, detoxing before I began the hormones, sessions to increase my energy or just to help me relax as I waited. My IVF consultant recommended a treatment before and after embryo transfer as they noticed an improvement in results for women having acupuncture alongside IVF, and Xin made herself available for this. We are now proud parents and Xin has been with me for every step of our long and difficult journey to have this baby. My sessions and Xin’s positivity helped me feel I was doing everything I could to get my body ready for a baby. Her knowledge was vast and she also gave me really helpful advice about diet and gentle exercise to further increase my chance of success. I always came away feeling uplifted because of the treatment and time Xin gave me. Equally importantly, due to Xin’s caring nature, I felt emotionally supported at some very difficult times. My baby boy was born in the middle of Nov 2018, we are so happy!