I had diagnosed Hyperthyroid and Graves’ disease in 2008. My one eye had bulged out. at that time I just had taken pills to control my hormone but I hadn’t done anything for my eye. After one year my hormone level was stable so I stopped taking pills. But my eye was still the same. About 3 years later my symptoms had occurred again and at this time my other side eye had affected. I had been so depressed and scared. But my doctor said there was not that severe to try other serious treatments. Then, I wanted to try a natural treatment like Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. When I first met Dr. Xin(introduced by a friend), she comforted me with encouraging words. She said my eyes could be better with her treatments. I felt relief and a lot more calm. After a few acupuncture sessions, my eyes got less dry and easy. Also I felt less tired during the day. I had to stop the treatments after about 9 months due to moving out of the UK. My eyes are almost normal now. Her treatments helped me a lot. It was not only my eyes but also my entire whole body are getting better in health. Her natural treatment was working for me. I appreciate her natual theraphy including Moxibustion too. This is a best way to say THANKS DR. XIN 1st of Sep 2014