Xin was highly recommended to me by a friend who had received successful treatment for her menstrual cycle. I was unfortunately experiencing recurring miscarriages and I was told by a specialist that they could find no reason for it and to continue trying. When I had become pregnant for the sixth time I decided to contact Xin and make an appointment. I immediately felt a sense of calm from Xin at our first session and her reassurance that the acupuncture would work helped me keep a positive mind. I continued my sessions every week until I was 12 weeks pregnant – during this time I had such fantastic guidance from Xin on how to remain positive and relaxed during the pregnancey. I had a wonderful pregnancy with no health problems and I am absolutely thrilled to say I am now a very proud mummy to a beautiful 4 months old little boy! I cannot thank Xin enough for her amazing work and kindness so it’s now my turn to highly recommend her! She helped bring my beautiful boy into this world! date: 30th of July 2014