I’ve been struggling with severe night sweats since I was a teenager assuming that was just part of my life and accepting it. I was feeling weak and tired most of the time. I found Xin through a friend who have experienced amazing results herself. Xin is so professional and caring, she attentively listened to my problems and focused on the root of them. My night sweating have stopped after 5 acupuncture sessions and 5 days of herbs that she bespoken prepared for me. This is a massive improvement in my life and I will always thank her for it.

She has also helped me with another problem I’ve been living with for 10 years, tremors in my left hand and arm. Several doctors and some MRI couldn’t assess the cause of it and nobody was able to help me reduce the tremors which were making difficult for me to hold little objects within my fingers. until I found Xin, who fixed this problem and gave me back full use of my hand in few acupuncture sessions! What else can I say, words are definitely not enough. Roberta Nov 2021